Booking & Contact Information

I am based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In Michigan and northern Ohio I am available solo and as a trio with cousin Dave Gillespie on guitars and vocals and Greg Winters on acoustic fretless or electric bass. Live trio performance.

In Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and near West Virginia, I can perform solo, duo with David Hart on mandolin or in a band format with three additional musicians (Mark Perna on bass, Eric Kurtzrock on drums, Vince Camut on pedal steel/2nd guitar) that we call The Roots Ensemble.

Check with Christopher for performance formats in other regions.

Contact info:
Christopher:; 412-576-4886 (cell)

I am now affiliated with Concerts In Your Home, an organization that works to put acoustic artists and house concert hosts together. Click below to go directly to my Concerts In Your Home page.

Concerts In Your Home

Performance reviews

2016 (Maryland) "This was Christopher Mark Jones' second appearance at my concert series. It was a delight to have him return and listen to some new material and "older" favorites. His rough edged, yet soft spoken vocals are captivating. His lyrics tell wonderful stories that keep the audience engaged. He is easy to communicate with and very easy going." Robin - House Concert host

2015 (North Carolina) "Wonderful show with Christopher. Great stories, solid songwriting and kept everyone interested throughout the show. He has people asking for his return to my series next year." Ken - House Concert host

2013 (NY) - "Christopher Mark Jones is a real pro and quite an interesting down-to-earth guy. Our friends loved the concert, and his way of opening up to the audience created an intimate and meaningful atmosphere for a really great evening. It was easy to arrange everything and he was also a fun and considerate overnight guest. We had a really nice talk and connection, and the music can't be beat!"

2013 (Maryland) - "Christopher Mark Jones has an incredible talent for telling stories through his lyrics. He brings out familiar sensitivities we can relate to. His voice catches your attention and has quite a convincing warm quality. He is very flexible and easy to work out arrangements with. He's personable to the guests as well."

2012 (Pennsylvania) - "Christopher Jones: Original songs, impeccable guitar styles, great vocals, moving lyrics" - Musican and house concert host Annie Trimble