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Montréal Encore News & Reviews 

After fun shows at the Christine Frechard Gallery and City of Asylum in Pittsburgh, Bernard and I showcased the new recording at La Petite Marche in Montreal.

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La maison intérieure , je la ferai jouer  à la radio , c’est émouvant. Il y a beaucoup de poésie et  d´humour... Dormir...Constellation des castors. C’est bien écrit et bien chanté,  c’est varié, ( parfois jazzé , folk, récité, chant…) Plusieurs instruments donnent une note particulière et originale. Le  poème de la fin , super ! On sent les vibrations de Montréal et de l’amour pour cette ville . Bon succès ! - Claudine Bertrand, poète et animatrice, Radio Ville-Marie (Montréal)

Thank you so much for gracing our stage Tuesday night. Your music brought so many emotions to the surface—happiness, regret, nostalgia, joy—and your collaboration with Bernard really fit the ethos of City of Asylum to a tee.  - Darin Lee, City of Asylum (Pittsburgh)




Some reactions to Christopher's April 2021 release

Christopher Mark Jones’s new record Looking for the Light is a solid testament to his virtues as an artist and a human. Recorded in a year when so many simply wrung their hands while waiting to see what would happen next, this record was impeccably recorded at his home studio and is an intelligent and hopeful and, frankly, cool piece of work. The songs display a great range of mood and musical genre and are delivered with a compassionate and confident voice. As if that wasn’t enough, the musical arrangements are gorgeous. Lucky we are to have CMJ with us on this strange and beautiful ride… Noah Zacharin – singer/songwriter/poet guitarist – latest release A Sparkle of Wings.

“Looking For the Light” finds it in the slow roll of “Call Back Your Soldiers” and gospel swing of “Your Healing Grace.” Recognizing no musical boundaries, Jones and a dozen solid accompanists squeeze a live vibe into a studio production, particularly on the socially responsible “Slippin’,” worldly “Caravan” and jazz-infused “My Life.”
 John Hayes, Manager, Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle

...impeccable performances supporting Jones’ engaging lyrics and music, the fruits of four-plus decades of songwriting.”  Harry Funk, The Almanac

 I just listened to it for the first time today, and it blew me away!  The lyrics are riveting...  Dan Murphy, The Acoustic Outpost, (Hollis, NY)

The stories, vivid imagery, social commentary and personal philosophy combined with tasty arrangements and his lovely breathy, slow vibrato vocal quality makes this album a warm and welcome respite after such a tough year. Louise Mosrie Coombe – songwriter/singer – latest release Lay It Down